Expressing His Needs

Abeo*, one of the Nigerian Hope Students, listened intently as the list of names was called out. He waited nervously to hear his own. Recently, Abeo’s school had been selected to nominate three participants for a local math competition. He was hopeful he would be picked. He felt his stomach drop as the third name was called. He hadn’t been chosen. He felt discouragement overcome him, but then he walked over to his teacher.

“Isn’t there anything I can do to be a part of this competition?”

His teacher looked at him. “Abeo, if you really want to participate, you will have to cover your own admission fee.”

He rushed home from school that day, sharing the situation with his house parents, Samson and Priscilla. After taking time to consider his request, they offered to pay Abeo’s fee, so he could be a part of the competition.

The day of the competition came and proved to be a momentous occasion. Of the four representing their school, Abeo was the only one to win his rounds! He is learning more each day to express his needs and trust the safe adults firmly in his corner.