To Do Good with Her Story

Ana sits on the floor with the younger children. Laughter fills the room and the little ones climb onto Ana’s lap, attentive to what she will say or suggest next. This picture of care is one Ana learned at an early age within Mama Paulita’s Children’s Home.

Ana and her brother have lived at the home for eight years. Ana’s time at Mama Paulita’s has cultivated a responsibility, intelligence, and creativity within the young woman. Ana was seven when she first arrived at the home and was one of the youngest children. She required a lot of assistance and looking after – physical and emotional support to help her flourish as a young girl. Now, staff at Mama Paulita’s can see it all coming full circle.

“Ana is always quick to help the younger children in the home and she’s always happy to come alongside staff when it is needed,” shared Adina Bailey, staff member at Mama Paulita’s Children’s Home. “It is encouraging to see that Ana was a child who received consistent care and love and is now turning around to offer it to those younger than her.”

She is a diligent student with strong work ethic and study habits. Ana sets goals for herself regularly and works hard to achieve them; as she looks toward her future, she hopes to one day become a doctor and give back to the community around her. Ana hopes to honor those who’ve helped her grow by doing good with her story.

Thank you for consistently praying over and helping to provide for each child at Mama Paulita’s Children’s Home. Your dedication helps be the difference for one.