Finding Family

Joel and Emmanuel are brothers born to a very young mother. While living with her, they were often under the care of their older sister, Magdalene. Childhood wasn’t always easy for the boys. They were teased by peers, told they were products of their mother’s mistake. Their story took a turn in 2012 when Magdalene moved to Bethany Hope House for girls and the brothers began attending Igmin Kibe Education Center.

Esther and Stephen, a married couple who both teach at the education center, began providing foster care for Joel and Emmanuel shortly after they began attending Igmin Kibe. The two brothers flourished as a stable home, with support and love, became a consistent part of their stories.

The boys were visibly malnourished often complaining of back aches and fighting illness when they first arrived at Igmin Kibe. Their English verbal and reading skills were minimal; they spoke mostly to each other and in their tribal language, Kuche.

Now, in 2017, not only do Joel and Emmanuel read, write, and speak in English, they are researching other planets and imagining a nap within the rings of Saturn.

Thirteen-year old Joel can offer an explanation for earthquakes – he no longer believes they are a result of an angry God. He knows our Earth is not a smooth, round ball, but broken into tectonic plates of varying sizes that are in constant motion.

Eleven-year old Emmanuel fantasizes about other planets – daydreaming about a day when he will be able to spend the night within the rings of Saturn, just to see all 62 of its moons.

Consistent education and faithful homework helpers and tutors at the education center are integral in Joel and Emmanuel’s continual growth. They are curious boys always looking to learn more about the world around them.

The brothers are no longer malnourished; they eat each meal with a sense of securtiy, knowing there is enough food for everyone at the table. They rest assured another meal will be coming soon when hunger pangs arise. They sit alongside their friends at proper tables and chairs, no longer hunching over and eating hurriedly.

Joel and Emmanual no longer experience back pain, because they sleep on bunk beds in their new home. their illnesses are treated, or in some cases prevented, through the regular medical care they receive.

The Igmin Kibe Education Center is a haven of safety, a place where they know they aren’t alone – learning about proper care and a loving God within their nurture groups. Today, Joel and Emmanuel are part of a larger family – building relationships and learning to trust those who care for them becomes easier each day. They are celebrated – on birthdays they are reminded that begin seen and known can change your story.

“There is nothing more heartwarming than the knowledge that all of thse changes and improvements are a result of people wit the love of Christ in their hearts and love for each child giving themsleves selflessly,” shares Swanta, Igmin Kibe Homework Helper. “Loving people, some of whome have never met the chidlren, obey the great commission and never tire of praying and supporting and writing letters. Each of them is changing every story and making a lasting difference. It is a beautiful thing to witness.”

Thank you for your generosity and advocacy in being the difference for one.