Up and Away!

“You did it! Eduardo, you did it!” The words ring clearly against a clear, blue Mazatlán sky as young Eduardo whispers with wonder, “It’s flying!” 

Eduardo has been busy this afternoon. 

The young boy, who lives at Rancho de los Nino’s children’s home in Mazatlán, Mexico, wants to fly a kite. Using a garbage bag, dowel rods, and an old sheet, he sets about building a homemade kite. 

Throughout the afternoon, Eduardo takes off running, willing his hand-crafted kite to take flight. As he races, again and again, in one direction, clinging tightly to the string of the kite, he waits for the wind to lift his kite skyward. 

Ten times, Eduardo wills his kite to fly. 

Twenty times, Eduardo races to give his kite wind to soar. 

Thirty times, forty times – Eduardo remains relentless in his pursuit of wind for his handmade kite. 

About the fiftieth time. Eduardo sets off again, two hands grasping the kite’s string. A burst of air comes underneath the kite and propels it to the sky. 

It’s ruah. Ruah, the Hebrew word for both wind and Spirit, seems to be present as young Eduardo races against the wind, flying his raw, handmade kite. 

As Eduardo runs back and forth, never giving up on seeing his kite fly, he learns about the Spirit who makes all things possible. He learns it is not the materials his kite is made of, but the wind and the Spirit that make it soar. Watching this video, we see a God who can do anything with our sorry, raw ingredients.

Watch the victorious moment here!