In the Business of Building Hope

It’s a hot day in Monterrey. A team has finished up the day’s work project and are resting under the nearby palapa (a thatched roof structure) for a welcome reprieve from the sun. As they drink water and rest their limbs, someone suggests going for a cold treat.

“Coca-Cola?” someone offers.

“What about popsicles?!” a child excitedly asks.

“I know! Let’s get frozen yogurt!”

They all agree excitedly and head over to the frozen yogurt stand on campus.

This is the vision Back2Back staff have for a future frozen yogurt business. This coming summer, by selling frozen yogurt to visiting mission teams, the hope is a cold dessert on hot days will also help Hope Program students earn money toward transportation costs for school.

“The Hope Program students are responsible for paying transportation to and from school,” explains Rosa Porto, Back2Back staff member. “It can be hard to balance a part time job with demanding school responsibilities, so we brainstormed ways we could offer flexible employment to the students.”

The frozen yogurt business will be much more than a cold treat for mission guests and help offer financial support for transportation. “This business will allow students to learn responsibility and earn money through hard work,” explains Rosa. “Our target is to cultivate a sense of belonging and ownership as they work towards personal goals and earn income at the same time.”

A generous donor helped purchase the frozen yogurt machine that will mix fresh fruit and yogurt. As the business starts with visiting teams, this will create opportunity to build relationships with guests and work on their English speaking skills. The goal eventually will be to offer frozen yogurt to the public, at parties, as the students become more comfortable.

In the beginning stages of the business, Rosa will handle the money, lead the marketing, and offer administrative support.

“The hope is students will show initiative and step into roles with more responsibility as time goes on,” shares Rosa. “Ultimately we want to help students understand how to run a business.”

Please join Back2Back in prayer as teens learn more about responsibility, relationships, and the value of believing in themselves.