Healthy Kids Day

“Now show me how we should cough!” The smiling children raised their arms, play-coughing into their elbows, demonstrating their understanding to not spread more germs.

It’s Healthy Kids Day in Haiti and everyone is learning.

Back2Back Haiti staff member, Holly Ravenhorst, recently connected with Blessings International – a ministry who administers health assessments.

“We wanted to make the necessary health assessments into something that could benefit the children spiritually and physically, too,” explained Holly. “We decided to make it an entire day of pursuing the children – through health care, through spiritual lessons, and through interaction and play.”

Back2Back Haiti staff came as a team, and they set about creating a fun, educational day for the children. Each boy and girl at Harvest Care, Lighthouse, Jesus Name, and Rescue of God Children’s Homes were given medical assessments.

“The children were given worm medicine, vitamin supplementation, and a social assessment,” shared Holly. “This helps us, as a staff, know if there might be history of a more major health issue.”

Back2Back Haiti staff was then given assessments to use for their own files.

“It was helpful to hear what each child needed, if it was urgent, and how best to pursue treatment. The children were also given hygiene kits, taught proper hand-washing procedures, and watched a puppet show, too.”

As the children in each home enjoyed a healthy snack, they were taught a spiritual lesson. In the form of a puppet show, each boy and girl learned in order to receive the gift of Jesus, we must be open to it, ready to receive it, and live it out.

“The children were attentive, laughing, and engaged,” said Holly. “It was a wonderful day to serve them and address the needs of each home.”

Back2Back Haiti staff continue to pursue ways to better offer care for today and hope for every tomorrow.