A [New] Home to Call Their Own

Brenda walks over to the window in her new living room and pulls aside the curtain. The sun warms her face as she listens to her children talk in the background. The space for her children to play together is a new piece of Brenda’s story.

Brenda, her husband Carlos, and their three children, Alex, 14, Hania, 6, and Karlita, 4, used to live in a “caurteria,” a large house with many rooms for rent, in the Bonfil community in Cancun. The room the family lived in was small, dimly lit without windows, with shared space for the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

Fortunately, the family was able to purchase a new apartment providing more space for each of them and windows to allow in fresh air and warm light.

As the family moved, the children worked on transitioning out of a neighborhood with their friends nearby, and into a new place to call home.

“Initially it was difficult for Alex and Hania to be so far from their friends and what is familiar to them, but they are slowly growing accustomed to their new environment and are truly happy in their new home,” explains Eloise Navarro, Back2Back Cancun Caseworker.

The family is excited to call their new house home. The children are continually working hard in their studies with the help of Fabiola, a Back2Back Cancun tutor, who works with the children four hours a week.

It is through your faithful sponsorship that Back2Back staff is able to come alongside Brenda and her family as they pave the way for a better tomorrow.

Brenda lets the curtain on the window close, but the fresh air still lingers inside her home. As she walks towards the kitchen to prepare a meal for her family, Brenda smiles knowing in this new space, her children will flourish.