Small Steps Toward Confidence

Erick pushes the correct button in front of him as he watches the pastor lead the congregation. It’s becoming like second nature to him, being a part of the visual team at his church, helping serve his local community.

This very practice – of showing up and learning a new skill as part of a team – is new for Erick. Three years ago, Erick was brought to Bethany Children’s Home by the government; the severe trauma lacing Erick’s younger life led him to be a young man who much preferred to be alone. He was a young man who didn’t quite yet know the potential resting within him.

As his time at Bethany increases, Erick is slowly learning he is seen and known; he is coming to know he is worth the fight and capable of rising to challenges.

“In the three years Erick has been at Bethany, he has become involved with the local church and has been given many opportunities to become a part of a team and learn new skills,” says David Sanchez, Back2Back Monterrey staff.

Along with helping at the church, Erick is also working at a car wash, is studying in high school, and participates on a soccer team.

“It’s been incredible to see Erick’s development over the last two years – especially his social development. He’s beginning to come forward on his own, sharing about his studies and what he’s doing at church,” says David.

David isn’t the only one seeing growth in Erick. Church members who are getting to know Eric, and seeing him become more a part of the audio team and church body, regularly comment on what a remarkable leader he is becoming.

“These may not seem like large accomplishments, in the grand scheme of things, but against the backdrop of where his story began, these steps lead to a stronger, more confident Erick,” says David.

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