Redemption in Her Story

Wendy walks into the church with her family following behind her. They take their seats and prepare for today’s message, and Wendy smiles to herself as she glances at her children sitting next to her.

Regular church attendance hasn’t always been a part of this family’s story, but change is helping to form new habits for Wendy and her family.

Recently, with the encouragement and support of her family and Darlene, Wendy has started to attend Christian classes addressing addiction at her church. With the help of her classmates, a mentor she meets with regularly, and Darlene, Wendy is taking the necessary steps to be a more present, engaged mother to her growing children.

Alongside working towards becoming a healthier version of herself, Wendy has recently begun to make a more stable income to help her family.

“Wendy and I have been working on finding something to help her family financially that she also enjoys doing,” explains Darlene. Through trial and error, Wendy has found something she enjoys.

She works with local churches, taking up collections of gently used clothing, shoes, and toys, and goes to flea markets around Cancun to sell them.


Wendy is able to set goals for herself and help better care her family, as a result. She is currently working towards saving money to purchase a bike with a large holding basket attaching to it to help her as she travels to churches and various flea markets.

Being able to set goals and reach them is helping Wendy be an example to her children and be a strong example of always bettering oneself.

As Wendy continues to attend classes and meet with her mentor, collect items and use bargaining skills to help her family, she is showing her children, Elisa and Jose, the redemption that comes with taking steps of improvement for a brighter tomorrow.