Unfolding Leadership

Angel sits behind the drum set, tapping out a tempo. Roberto strums his guitar, Claudia and Naytiely each play bass, as their worship song begins.

Angel, Roberto, Claudia, and Naytiely have started a worship band and are preparing to lead their local church in a song. As Back2Back Mazatlán staff, Matt Metzger, listens to their rehearsal, he thinks about the tangible growth happening before his eyes.

“A local church offered to teach the children how to play different instruments; they provide lessons twice a week for the children who live at Salvation Army,” explains Matt. “It has unfolded into leadership development.”

The music lessons, along with twice a week soccer games, are proving to be a valuable motivator for the children. They diligently work hard on their homework and complete their household duties in order to earn these privileges.

As Angel taps out the tempo for the song during rehearsal, Matt reminds him that he is the one setting the tone for the band.


“Learning drums isn’t an easy feat and I’m continually encouraging Angel to set the pace for the group. He is stepping forward and realizing he has what it takes to lead well.”

The other children are realizing this very thing, too. The confidence they are experiencing as they improve is allowing them to challenge each other in healthy ways.

As rehearsal wraps up, the children look pleased with their practice – they smile as they pack up their instruments until the next time.

“I love that the children are learning how to play their instruments and to play as a band to well-known worship songs. They aren’t choosing secular songs being played on the radio, they are choosing songs people gather on Sundays to sing,” says Matt. “They are using their talents to glorify God.”

As the children at Salvation Army Children’s Home continue to pursue their interests and use their talents to glorify God, we ask you to pray for the emotional and spiritual development of each child.