A Reunion to Celebrate

Haiti can be a hard place. Amidst stories of corruption, devastation, and crippling natural disasters are statistics that almost defy belief. Seventy-seven percent unemployment. Over 300 orphanages in the city of Port-au-Prince alone. The poorest country in the entire western hemisphere.

However, there is also breathtaking natural beauty in the mountains and emerald green ocean as well as stories of hope and love. One of those stories is unfolding in a small and vibrant children’s home called Lighthouse.

Gerven’s story, one of restoration, of dreams coming to reality, of a young boy coming to know the kindness of a God who holds his story in His hands, has been shared lovingly in words and videos. Gervens, a boy who has been blind for most of his life, is a growing young man who seems most alive in front of black and white keys.

As Back2Back and a partner organization, Jesus in Haiti – who is also in pursuit of orphaned and vulnerable children – serve together on behalf of Lighthouse Children’s Home, a story of reunification and restoration has been slowly unfolding for young Gervens.

He will be returning to his family in just a few short months.

“Jesus in Haiti has been instrumental in the reunification process for Gervins and his family,” explains Jeff Hickam. “There is currently work being completed on his family’s house to make sure Gervens will have what he needs as he continues to navigate his story. ”

Thirteen-year-old Gervens is excited about the reunion with his family. Over the summer, on breaks from school, Gervens spent most of his time in his family home with this parents. While he will no longer being living at Lighthouse, Back2Back staff, along with Jesus in Haiti staff, will continue to make sure Gervens has everything he needs for school and is continuing to thrive being back with his family.


Stories of family reunification are unfortunately the exception for orphaned and vulnerable children instead of the rule. Back2Back is excited for Gervens that his exceptional young life finds him on the cusp of being back with his family once again.