Far Reaching Love

Adan is a 23-year-old college student who lives at Bethany Children’s Home in Monterrey, Mexico. Recently he served at Back2Back’s Cancun site with his sponsors Ric and Shari Sharrer and their mission team from Apex Community Church in Dayton, Ohio. Ric and Shari have sponsored Adan since 2012. Here, in his own words, Adan shares how the Lord moved, and continues to move, in his heart and over his life. 

My experience in Cancun began July 22 when I arrived at the Cancun airport. It was there that Shari and Ric Sharrer surprised me, waiting for me at the airport. It was a beautiful, exciting moment. Every day, my relationship with Ric and Shari grew. I remember running in the mornings with Shari and observing nature, listening to the birds singing and talking with the Lord. One time Ric came with us. We were with each other all the time, we ate together, we sat together, we laughed together, we served together.


Every day was an opportunity to serve the Lord and show his love and hope. I remember that one day we went to Rossy’s church. When I saw her, I was impacted by her love. Then I heard her story and about her community service, how the Lord uses her and takes care of her. What I saw and what God does through this woman of faith was beautiful! At another time, I was able to pray with a young man who had been in an accident and was able to share with him that God loved him. It was awesome to see how far God’s love reaches and how we are his instruments.

I had many beautiful experiences with the Apex group and with the Sharrer family. I can only say that all of us were part of what God is doing in the lives of these people. To God be all the honor and glory, for his immense love and grace!

Please pray for Adan as he continues to process what he experienced in Cancun and share it with those around him.