Guarding Their Futures

Tutor, a noun, meaning a private teacher, typically one who teaches a single student or a very small group, originates from the Latin word tueri meaning to watch or guard. Tutor is a word, a concept, Back2Back is very passionate about. Our sites believe deeply in the role a tutor plays in the life of each child we serve and are continually looking for more impassioned men and women to come alongside the children to aid in an increased fervor for their futures.

To watch or guard, as a tutor, can mean so many things. What does it mean for the children at Lighthouse in Haiti? To watch or guard means tutors are coming to the home weekly, to come alongside the children in their studies. It means each child has someone helping to create focus on the consistency school brings. It means each boy and girl sees, tangibly, there are people in the fight, with them, for their futures; they are not alone in forging a road to success, but are backed completely by a team of loud cheerleaders who believe in their every dream.

“We have the opportunity to work with kids coming from broken pasts,” explains Brent, a Back2Back staff member. “We work with children who need stability and the opportunity to succeed educationally, physically, emotionally; when you run into lives lacking stable environments and family, this provides a unique chance for staff and caregivers, teachers and tutors to step into their lives and really focus on education, on honing in on their futures with them.”

In addition to tutoring services being provided and illustrating elevated grades and study habits, the children at Lighthouse have transitioned to a new school. This segue is better suiting the needs of the children by creating a much shorter distance from their home to the school – they are able to walk there now. The children are able to participate in extracurricular activities outside of school, and it is providing a fresh start for each child.

Each time a child is given intentional, specialized time with someone investing in their success they are being shown their dreams matter, their goals are important, their futures are guarded.