Forging Leaders

On a recent prayer walk with a mission team, a Back2Back case-worker asked a mother living in the Bonfil community how they could pray for her and her family specifically. In unexpected honesty, she shared concern of one of her sons becoming involved in drug use.

Bonfil, an urban community in Cancun, is one gripped by cyclical poverty, easy access to drugs, and a low education rate. But one mother standing up and saying ‘this is not okay,’ is the ripple needed to invoke a tidal wave of change within the community.

Back2Back scheduled a class with a local, Christian organization and invited teens and parents to attend.

“Twenty-five teens from Bonfil and the Cancun Strong Families program attended and some of their parents came, too,” explained Erick. “It was a class designed to educate, raise awareness, and take preventative measures.”

The mother who was concerned for the future of her children ensured her children attended the class and continued to work with tutors after the classes were complete. The children and teens living in Bonfil are faced daily with strong temptations and easy access to harmful and dangerous activities.

“The boys have a tendency to hang out on the streets, at the corners of the streets, and are often solicited and tempted with both use and the sale of drugs,” Julie and Erick explained.

“Our prayer is that these teens will have the courage and strength to say no to temptation. And instead of following the crowd they would become leaders in their schools and community,” said Julie.

Back2Back staff is intentional and focused on creating opportunities for the children and their parents to understand this is a dangerous cycle. The Strong Families model is taking the initiative to instill in teens an awareness of consequences born from their choices. Further, parents are encouraged to step forward on behalf of their children to advocate, intervene and guide.