Exporting Influence

Madhu’s eyes glitter when he grins. He laughs musically, the corners of his eyes crinkling, as he speaks eagerly to whomever is around. He pulls people in naturally, without even realizing his capabilities. So it is no surprise he would return to his home village over the long break from school and begin to share what he is learning on the Back2Back India Hope Campus. As he plays with other children, he begins to talk about Jesus. He can’t help but share with his friends, who are not exposed to the Gospel in their day-to-day lives, about the sacrifice Jesus made for each of us, and the love He has for His children. From the influence of Back2Back staff and caregivers, Madhu feels hopeful and affirmed in his knowledge of the Lord and what He continually does in his life.

At the beginning of June, children returned to the India Hope Campus in Hyderabad after a month-long break from school. During the break, the boys and girls who live on the Back2Back campus had the opportunity to return to their villages to visit with their parents and family members. While visiting with their families, the children are maintaining and building emotional connection, while expanding their sphere of influence with those who live around them.

During the break, Adam and Amos, two Back2Back staff members, surprised each child and their families with a visit. It was during these visits Adam and Amos were able to connect with the family members of the children they serve. They enjoyed sharing with the families, as well as others from the village, about each child, affirming what they saw in each of them. What a joy it was for Adam and Amos to see the far reaching impact of the Hope Campus.

Additionally, before Adam and Amos visited each child, staff at the India Hope Campus had the opportunity to meet with the parents and guardians of each child who lives on the campus. Adam and the rest of the staff had the opportunity to speak about the futures of each child with their family members.

“It is an ongoing goal to align our thinking for the future of each child with that of their parents and guardians. We all need to be thinking about the success of the children on a long term level,” explains Adam.

While meeting with family members, Back2Back staff had the chance to hear, from their parents’ point of view, about the different ways the behaviors of the children are improving.

Through staff care, sponsorship support, and intentional attentiveness, the children at the India Hope Campus are continually afforded the best opportunity for each boy and girl living there to perpetually be a light in the world.