Finding Home

Alondra handed Raquel a note. She blushed and ran back into the living room. Raquel, the house mom at Possibilities Children’s Home, was pleasantly surprised as she carefully unfolded the yellow paper and smoothed out the creases.

“I’m so thankful for you,” the note said, “you feel like my mom.”

Raquel brushed tears from her eyes as she closed the note. Sliding the paper into her pocket, she thought back to the day children’s services had first brought Alondra and her brothers to the children’s home.

Alondra, at 13 years of age, had been caring for her four younger brothers, begging on the street to feed five hungry mouths. She was tired, overwhelmed and scared. She was a child taking on a role she was not prepared to fill. And she was grieving; Alondra’s mother had recently died after a battle with cancer. After her death, Alondra’s father left. Alone and in charge, Alondra did everything she could to make ends meet.

Only a few weeks after moving into Possibilities Home, Alondra began to experience healing, having finally found a safe place to grieve. She found care. She found a home.

“She went from being shell-shocked and constantly worrying about her brothers to allowing herself to be a kid again,” shared her caregiver. “The transformation we saw in Alondra in such a short amount of time was incredible.”

Alondra found safety and comfort and rest. She prays often, thanking God for meeting her needs by bringing her and her brothers to the home. As she heals and grows, she is also excelling academically. Initially, Alondra was failing in several subjects in school and barely passing others. Now, she has energy, capacity and support, and has achieved a second place standing in her class. Alondra is a fighter and a survivor. Alondra is growing and changing. Alondra is loved.


Back2Back is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Possibilities Home, located in the small town of Linares, 1.5 hours outside Monterrey. Currently, it is home to eight children ages 5-12. The home is situated on four acres of land with endless development opportunities. The directors have hopes of constructing various foster homes, a community center, and dorms for visiting mission teams. In contrast to many children’s homes in Mexico, Possibilities Home cares for kids in small foster-family settings, similar to Back2Back’s Hope Program. The home is committed to helping vulnerable children like Alondra find restoration and ultimately make a positive impact on their community. Possibilities Home is considered a prototype of excellence for children’s homes in Mexico – setting the standard for homes that work with at-risk children.