Christmas Around the World

Now hear
The angels sing
A King
Was born today
And man will live
For evermore
Of Christmas day
Mary’s boy child
Jesus Christ
Was born
On Christmas Day

This, this is Christmas.

Jesus was born so we can live forevermore.

Hear the angels sing. Hear the children sing as we celebrate the day, the person who changed everything. Christmas around the world is children, women, men, and families coming together to celebrate God with us, Immanuel. A saving love that binds us together wherever we may celebrate.

On Saturday, children from the Tres Reyes community joined together to breathe in the beauty of the Christmas season. There are a multitude of reasons to celebrate in Cancun, Mexico – the greatest of which are changed lives and transformed hearts.


Jesus was born so we can live forevermore.

God’s hand at work in the lives of children like Jenny, Zuri, Edwin, Daphne, and Jose Luis – just a few of the reasons worth celebrating in Cancun. Back2Back staff threw a huge community Christmas celebration at the palapa on the new Community Center of Tres Reyes property. The children were delighted by the twinkling Christmas tree, mesmerized by the glowing lights. A gift exchange, pinata, and community meal capped off the day. There were shrieks and laughter as the children tore into the piñata, candy bursting across the floor. The parents watched on, smiling as their children danced and played, carols playing softly in the background.


A mother quietly thanked a staff member, “Thank you for this. This day, everything, means so much. My family had a great time just being together here.”

A simple gift exchange and community lunch was the highlight of the day – drawing a host of families and children together in a shared sense of joy and wonder. What better way to share the Christmas spirit than a quiet reminder of God’s saving love. Immanuel. God is with us, working in and through us, giving us a taste of His lavish love through the person of Jesus.

Jesus was born so we can live forevermore.