Cultivating Gratitude

Ever since our kids were little, we’ve put them to bed asking two questions, “Who did you see being kind today?” and “What are you grateful for?” As I have been teaching this to our new 14-year old son, I’ve been modeling for him with my own answers. I am struck with how often my answers involve you, our Back2Back extended family.

I am grateful you keep coming, to lift up kids and learn their stories. I am grateful you make sacrifices, to put braces on those you only know in pictures and pay for school books you will never read. I am grateful you sponsor children and build buildings, you pray for strength and learn alongside us. Thank you.

I see you being kind to staff, encouraging them with notes and sharing your support. I see you being kind as opportunities arise and you advocate, giving voice to children without one. Thank you.

This season, I pray you’ll experience gratefulness and kindness as a boomerang, and that your basket fills to overflowing with the blessings you have showered on us.