Never Alone

“I don’t want to be alone.”

Fourteen-year-old Yorleny knew a lot about loneliness. As a result of trauma in her past, she had been forced to be self-sufficient from an early age. As she met with Back2Back Cancun staff and learned more about God—how He is always there for her as her Father, caregiver and friend—Yorleny began to wonder if a relationship with God was the missing piece in her life.

Yorleny had noticed a joy and peace in the lives of her mentors—something she longed to experience. For months, Back2Back staff member, Darlene, had regularly visited her home and talked with her about Jesus. When Yorleny began attending classes at the Bonfil Community Center outside Cancun, Rossy, a community leader, and Back2Back staff, Sarah Nace shared about this same Jesus. Yorleny yearned for a relationship with God like each of them had.

One day in May, as Darlene was leaving Yorleny’s home, Yorleny walked her to her car. She took Darlene’s hand as she spoke, “Darlene, you said God can be my Father, that through accepting Jesus I will never be alone. I want that. How do I do it?”

Darlene smiled. She knew Yorleny wanted to experience true love, the love of a Perfect Father who promises never to leave or forsake her. Yorleny wanted to know this Father personally. Darlene put her hand on Yorleny’s shoulder and led her in prayer, as she gave her life to Jesus. Darlene gave Yorleny her first Bible and they sang a worship song together, celebrating the special moment. Tears of joy streamed down their cheeks.

Yorleny’s love for worship and poetry opened her eyes to the beauty of Psalms in the Bible. In addition to her weekly Bible study with Darlene, Yorleny is now reading through the Bible on her own, asking questions and learning what a relationship with God looks like. As God’s truth and promises take root in her heart, she is finding her place in God’s family and sharing the hope she has found with everyone she meets.

God is in the process of redeeming not only Yorleny’s story, but the stories of many more children in Cancun. Four girls living at a children’s home Back2Back serves have been reunited with their biological moms and this fall, two more are expected to transition home. Even greater, four parents and five teens have come to know Christ personally through our community development work. All of the children we serve are studying with tutors—some are even above grade level, and three students recently began volunteering at their church’s tutoring program. Hope is rising as God transforms the hearts of the children we serve. Like Yorleny, we celebrate the beautiful truth that we are never alone.