The Heart of Worship

B2Bblog_heartofworshipRossy is making a difference in her community of Bonfil, situated near the Back2Back Cancun site.  Over twenty years ago, she founded Mission Educ-Arte, a ministry with one purpose: to share God’s love with the community by providing free after-school programming for children in Bonfil. Back2Back supports her efforts through the provision of staff and resources because Rossy’s heart for the children of Bonfil aligns with Back2Back’s preventative orphan care efforts.

Several times each week, Rossy invites neighborhood children to her classroom where they hear a story about Jesus, sing songs, enjoy craft time, and receive a healthy meal. For some of the children, it will be the only meal they receive that day. Children who would otherwise be unsupervised while their parents are working can instead experience Jesus’ love in a safe and nurturing atmosphere.

Sarah Nace is a site social worker with Back2Back Ministries, serving in Cancun, Mexico. She shares from her experience working alongside Rossy.

Five-year old Jesica attends the program. Jesica is adorable and fun and giggly; her favorite color is yellow. For the past three weeks, Jesica has eagerly run into the classroom, jumping into my arms–she just wants to be held and never let go.

I will never forget a moment that occurred while holding her on my hip singing worship songs. My arms were starting to ache from balancing her weight while spinning and doing the motions to the song. It was time for the last song of the day, “I want to be like Jesus”. Each time we sang the chorus, I would look at Jesica and sing “I want to be like…” waiting for her to finish the phrase. My heart would melt, as she responded by closing her eyes, crumpling up her nose, smiling as she shouted above the crowd “JESUS” pointing both hands up to heaven. Her song was surely beautiful, glorifying praise in God’s ears.