Orphan Sunday: Remembering the Orphan


by Beth Guckenberger, Co-Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries

On Orphan Sunday, November 2, 2014, we have the chance to celebrate all the ways God is reaching His children! Circumstances of relational brokenness, financial poverty, natural disasters and widespread illnesses have brought them to this point, but God doesn’t leave them there. He is coming for them, lifting them up, defending their cause, making them a home, inclining his ear, and executing the dozens of promises He has written for them.

Here are ten ways you can celebrate Orphan Sunday in your home this year:

  • Pray. Pray for children in a specific country, age group, or gender group. Pray for their health, their friendships, and their futures.
  • Sponsor a child. Consider our child sponsorship program and bring a child into your extended family. As Andy Stanley says, “Do for one what you wish you could do for all.”
  • Reach out to a missionary and encourage them on this day. Send an email, a message over social media or a care package. They would love to know you are thinking of them!
  • Take fifteen minutes and look up God’s promises to orphans. As you read God’s Word, ask Him to share with you how you participate with Him in this mission.
  • Post, tweet, and activate your social networks. Let them know how you are using this day to pray and sacrifice for the fatherless. View sample tweets and Facebook posts designed to help you spread the word.
  • Build awareness in your local church. Ask your church if you could put something in the bulletin or church website, raising awareness of the plight of the orphan.
  • Look up an adoption agency online. Most agencies have a waiting child photo listing. Scroll past the pictures and pray for the waiting children. Is there anyone you might be able to forward the link?
  • Take a meal to an adoptive or foster family. There are 400,000 kids currently in foster care. You might not be able to care for their child, but you can always bring them a meal.
  • Explore Safe Families. There is an all-volunteer alternative to the foster system. Volunteers can provide temporary homes, support these host families, and also aid birth families.  Learn more about Safe Families.

However you spend this day, please know we are grateful that you are joining in this work!

Beth Guckenberger is the mother of a bunch of biological, adopted and foster children.  She and her husband, Todd, direct Back2Back Ministries.  Beth is the author of several books on the journey of their life abroad.