Estrella’s Journey

By Tere Garcia, Back2Back Field Staff, Monterrey, Mexico

Four-year old Estrella wakes up and prepares to go to school, knowing that when she returns she will be welcomed by her foster parents into the warmth and safety of a loving home. Estrella began this adventure when she entered Mexico’s new faith-based foster care program three months ago, embarking on a journey that God had already planned for her. Now, she is thriving thanks to the love and nurture of her foster parents.

In June 2013, the first group of Back2Back foster families began a selection process to participate in a faith-based foster care program “Familias Solidarias.” In August, after initial assessments and training, the first seven families were certified by the state government of Nuevo Leon, where Monterrey, Mexico is located. They were officially ready to receive a foster child under their care .

At the end of October, we received the news that Estrella was ready to be moved to live with a family. Not long after, the Caceres family welcomed her into their home and hearts. After a process of family meetings, incredibly in only a month Estrella had already experienced a smooth integration into the family.

Estrella (far right) pictured with her foster family

Estrella (far right) pictured with her foster family

Since then, God has been moving powerfully in Estrella’s life. She has discovered a new confidence and a sense of worth as God’s child. Estrella is enjoying the attention and care of a family and understanding more of God’s love through them. We believe this is just the beginning of the transformation in her life. I’m grateful to see God working through Estrella’s life, bringing hope, restoration and healing through Back2Back’s new faith-based foster care initiative.

Tere Garcia serves with Back2Back Ministries in Monterrey, Mexico, assisting with Back2Back’s faith-based foster-care initiative.