Anusha Perseveres

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Anusha, left, with a friend outside of Peace Children’s Home where they reside in Hyderabad, India

Thirteen-year-old Anusha is the oldest girl at Peace Children’s Home in Hyderabad, India. She expresses her artistry through drawing but also loves the factual world of science.

In April 2013, Anusha experienced a medical crisis, which would challenge her both physically and emotionally. Doctors discovered she was seriously anemic – her body was not producing blood properly. They also discovered a cyst in her neck. Suspecting throat cancer, Anusha began immediate testing. Fearfulness and worry were beginning to surface, as she had an IV portal in her arm for over a month, which allowed blood to be drawn without repeatedly pricking her. Uncertainty filled her days, and Anusha became quiet and withdrawn – hardly speaking to anyone during this time.

Through child sponsorship, funds were provided for treatment. Sometimes, hope can come in such varied shapes and sizes – even in the shape of an IV. God repaired – the cyst was determined to be cancer-free! Anusha began medication to reduce the size of the cyst. Today, she is no longer on medication.

Before this crisis, Anusha kept her needs to herself, but through this challenge, she has learned to be more open. She has learned to overcome her fears and persevere. Anusha has learned to ask for help with school or other needs. She smiles more and feels hope for her future. Anusha wants to give what she has been given – she hopes to be a doctor when she grows up, so she can help other children the way doctors helped her.