Back Against the Wall

By Beth Guckenberger 10157308_10154060669220077_6140866961782302107_n

I’m learning to let my back get pushed against a wall–because that is when I cry out for my Rescuer. Most days when I see the wall coming, I angle myself so I don’t get anywhere near it. I decide not to say something that I should or not to take a risk that I’ve been dying to take. I realize now, more than three decades into my life, that the only new things I try tend to be those I’m already good at or capable of. I’m slowly learning to get in over my head, so God can save the day–or at least pick up the pieces. I want to take risks so that I can’t bail myself out, so that I am even more grateful when God shows up…He is consistent but hardly predictable.

Beth Guckenberger is the mother of a bunch of biological, a bunch of adopted and a slew of foster children.  She and her husband, Todd, direct Back2Back Ministries.  Beth is the author of several books on the journey of their life abroad.