An Atmosphere of Love


When Jeremiah came to the Igmin Kibe Education Center, he was dealing with a lot of fear. We could barely talk with him because he didn’t speak English and struggled to understand general social queues. He wouldn’t look the staff in the eye as they talked with him and because of his introverted nature, he didn’t participate in class and would constantly run away from teachers and schoolmates.

We began working with Jeremiah, focusing on his reading and math skills, practicing English, and building a relationship. Jeremiah began experiencing an atmosphere of love, receiving the individualized attention he needs to succeed. As he began making a connection with his teachers and classmates, as he experienced acceptance, he began to trust. He found a passion and desire to learn.

Just recently, we did a reading assessment of all the children at Igmin Kibe. Other than a senior boy about to graduate, Jeremiah is the best reader of the bunch.

Three years after meeting him, Jeremiah is 13 years old, in seventh grade, and is the social butterfly of Igmin Kibe. He accepted Jesus into his heart and has great leadership qualities. He speaks English so well, he even corrects many of his teachers. When he grows up, he wants to be a mechanical engineer.