A Thankful Heart

Alejandro with his friends

Alejandro with his friends

When Yadira Mendoza, a director of Mama Paulita’s Children’s Home, first met Alejandro, he was in a hospital, struggling to survive. He’d been in a car accident and wasn’t getting appropriate medical attention. God stirred Yadira’s heart for Alejandro. She talked with the doctors, committed to paying his medical bills and got him the help he needed.

Three months later, Alejandro was healed and came to live at Mama Paulita’s in El Limon, Mexico.

Alejandro believes Yadira was a gift from God to him while he was at the hospital. He’s developed a huge heart of thankfulness. He’s so thankful to live at Mama Paulita’s and to know he’s loved and prayed for by his sponsor and friends every day. He’s thankful for his shoes, his clothes, his bed, his food, his school supplies—he’ll tell you he’s thankful for every single thing he has, sometimes tearing up as he speaks. When visitors show up at Mama Paulita’s, Alejandro greets them with a smile. He introduces himself, asks how they are and if they need anything. He’s willing to share all he has with his newest friends.

“I want to give to others because I have been so richly blessed,” Alejandro says, “I have so much. My life is great and I want others to have a life as great as mine. I want to do all I can to help others.”