By Sammy Mathews


It was the end of the school day and the boys that I care for at Douglas Children’s Home in Monterrey, Mexico were beginning to trickle through the door. One boy was especially excited today.

“Guess what?! My grades are in!,” he shouted, as he swung open the front door and threw his backpack onto the ground.

“9.1!,” he shouted, before we had a chance to guess.

An average of 9.1 out of 10! These are the grades of a child whose very highest goal for last year was to get an average of 7.5

What’s the secret? What’s the key to his success? I wish I could say that it his great tutor or all the extra hours of academic work we’ve put in together. But, neither of those are true. Despite my college degree, it’s not the hours of academic prep we’ve logged, it’s the investment in his heart.

Do you want to know why he got a 9.1?

It’s because he knows he is precious. He knows he is valuable. He knows he is loved and adored and smart and incredible and important.

He doesn’t just know it… he believes it.

And the results are… 9.1.

Sammy Mathews has been on staff with Back2Back Ministries for three years.  She is currently a full-time caregiver to 10 wild and crazy boys at Casa Hogar Douglas in Monterrey, Mexico.