A Different Plan for Alicia

la foto46

Two years ago Alicia came to Bethany Children’s Home in Monterrey, Mexico to drop off her two children because she could no longer care for them. Daniel, who runs the home, asked what he could do for her. She shyly asked if she could live there at the home. Daniel knew he needed to help this single mom overcome the cycle of poverty in her life, so he gave her a job and a place to live at the home.

She began helping in the kitchen and Daniel began discipling her. Shortly after coming to Bethany, Alicia made a decision to give her life to Jesus. Daniel has become a father figure to her, someone she looks up to and respects.

After living at the home for a year, Alicia asked Daniel if he thought it was ok for her to start dating. With a smile, he conceded. Not long after, she met a wonderful man. Two weeks ago, Alicia was married. She and her husband, along with her two children now live together in a nearby town.

Alicia came to the home to leave her children, hoping Bethany Children’s Home could provide a better life for them than she could. But God had a different plan. God used the home to not only help the children, but Alicia as well.