A Beautiful Scene


Margarito, an energetic nine-year-old boy, has lived at Manantial de Amor Children’s Home for a number of years. He is constantly bouncing off the walls. One day Jose, who cares for the boys, began to teach painting classes to some of the children. He wanted to teach Margarito, but with his inability to sit still for very long, no one thought this would be a good idea. Jose persisted and began teaching him the basics of watercolor and acrylics. After a week of class, Margarito created a beautiful scene.

Jose said of him, “He’s doing so well. I’m so proud of him. He’s giving attention to his work and is very talented.” Being praised for his talents by his teacher and caregiver, Margarito beamed from ear to ear. It’s difficult to tell the difference between Margarito and Jose’s paintings.

Margarito struggles in school. Now he’s found a natural talent. He has dedicated himself to painting and benefits from this one-on-one time with his caregiver. Helping children discover talents and God-given abilities is essential to increasing their self-esteem. When someone buys a painting, Margarito has a marker ready to sign his work.