Seek My Face


By Chris Cox, Diretor of One21

Sometimes we go to the mountains for a vacation.  Sometimes we go for the adventure of a climb, hike, or zip line. Sometimes we go to connect with nature.  Then there are times we retreat to the mountains to seek the presence of God.  The One21 retreat for Hope Education Students in Mexico was one of those times.

In scripture, God met with Moses, Elijah, David, and Jesus in the “mountains.”  In the mountains, he invites us to seek his face. Last month we took 180 fatherless teenagers into the mountains of Monterrey, believing that God longed to meet with them.  He was there.  It was evident that God was moving among us, healing broken hearts, giving hope, showing us that He is still bring light from darkness.  For three years, God has been blessing this weekend retreat.  Each year we see more students take leadership roles in the retreat.  This year, students led worship, performed a drama, preached, led small groups, and shared testimonies.  The more we invite them to own the retreat, the more value they find in themselves.