Changes for Child Sponsorship

Over the last few years, Back2Back has seen tremendous growth in our Child Sponsorship Program.  We are thrilled to be able to connect you with the children you love, and thank God that He lets us witness the impact it has on their lives.  Thank you for truly sacrificing to partner with us in caring for God’s children!

As we’ve grown, we’ve also learned.  We’ve seen things that work well, and areas of opportunity to grow.  At Back2Back we are not afraid to change and are constantly asking ourselves how we can improve.

As a result of questions like these, we have made some exciting changes to our Child Sponsorship Program!

Moving forward we will offer 3 levels of sponsorship.   Click here to learn about the 3 new levels.

The most important thing for you to know is that there is nothing you need to change as a sponsor.

>In addition, to letters from your child, you will now receive email updates from the home where your child lives twice per year.

>If you signed up as a Half Sponsor at $50/month, this will continue with no change.  You are welcome to increase your giving if you feel led, but this is certainly not a requirement!

>You can expect to receive 2 to 4 letters per year from your child, based on how often you write your child.

If you wish to increase your commitment level or add an additional sponsorship, please let me know!  We now offer several different commitment levels for all types of giving.