Cure for the Blues, by Julie Cooper, Back2Back Mexico Staff

During a recent visit to Casa Hogar Esperanza we arrived to find six-year old Paola home sick for the day with the chicken pox. No sickness is fun of course, but there is something extra miserable about chicken pox. You don’t feel good, you’re itchy, you’re not allowed to scratch the million places that are itchy, and you have to remain in lock-down so that you don’t spread your lovely breakout to others. So, needless to say, poor Paola was not in the best of spirits. When we left and pulled away from the children’s home, I knew that we needed to do something special for this poor girl to let her know just how much she was loved.

Upon arriving home I had a chance to talk with my daughters about her and discussed what we might be able to do for her to cheer her up. We decided that the best prescription for Paola was a new teddy bear. So I enlisted the help of my girls, and we were off to go shopping. My girls were a great help. They had a lot of insight and little girl wisdom into what would be the perfect one. It had to be just the right size, easy to hug, the perfect softness, and of course the perfect color too. It was quite the endeavor, but we finally found just the right one!

The next morning Matt and I were able to go back to Casa Hogar Esperanza and deliver the bear to Paola. It instantly brought a smile to her face as she embraced her new bear. We hope that the bear can be a reminder to sweet Paola not just that our family cares about her, but much more – that she has a heavenly Father who loves her, and who will never leave her side.