The Blessing of Being Remembered, by Cathy Huffer, Back2Back Mexico Staff

Recently, I had the opportunity to pass on letters, photos and small gifts from a friend of the ministry to some kids at a children’s home near our apartment. The first boy is all of four years old and is cute as can be. I showed him the letter from my friend.  With it, she had included a photo of her with him, from when she met him during a Back2Back mission trip.

He is too little to read, but as soon as he saw the photo he smiled and pointed at my friend. As I asked if he remembered her, he grinned from ear to ear and said yes. He listened intently as I translated the letter. He couldn’t have been happier. As he sat there holding the letter, his face reflected contentment, knowing that he was remembered.

This other girl is older, around eight years old. Once I found her, I pulled out the things another friend had given me to give to her. This included a photo album filled with pictures of my friend with the girl during a visit to her children’s home.  She thumbed through the pages, her smile growing with every turn. She had very few words but as she walked off, she headed straight for her friends to tell them that she had been remembered.

What a powerful witness to a child at a children’s home. God loves you so much that He sent someone to play with you for a day, couple of days, a week. Then a time much later you receive word from them. They remembered you. It’s a message that you are special. It’s a message that you are loved. It’s the message that Jesus Christ offers to all of us. As we face death, He says, I remembered you and I died on the cross for you and rose again so that you can live with me now and forever. I remembered you….