Chapel at Casa Hogar Douglas, by Jim Betscher, Back2Back Mexico Staff

We have a name for the renovated chapel at Casa Hogar Douglas. It is now called The Juniper Tree Chapel. Back2Back has been assisting in the weekly worship services for over 1 year now. Last May we finished remodeling the chapel building with the help of the Juniper Tree Foundation. But at the beginning of 2010, we officially named the building The Juniper Tree Chapel.

The name comes from the verse in 1 Kings 19. The prophet Elijah, was scared and fleeing for his life from Jezebel. The scripture says that he went a days journey into the desert and took refuge under a juniper tree. It says that he actually prayed that he would die there. Can you imagine being so scared and feeling so helpless? But under that juniper tree, in the middle of a desert, an angel of the Lord began to speak to Elijah. First, God provided food and water and rest. Then, He told him where He wanted him to go from there.

Like Elijah, most of the kids that live at Casa Hogar Douglas, are scared and perhaps running from their past. Some may even think death could be better. But just as the great prophet of old did thousands of years ago, we want the children of Casa Hogar Douglas to find refuge under the juniper tree.

Sometimes, we are intimidated, by the impressive lives and experiences of people like Elijah. But, James 5:17 reminds us that “Elijah was a man just like us.” We desire that all that come to worship God at the Juniper Tree Chapel, would find hope that they also can accomplish great things for God. All that is required is that they submit everything to Him.