Sing a New Song, by Back2Back India

Back2Back India recently sponsored a concert at one of the children’s homes. The worship band from our urban Indian church is comprised of young people of different ethnic backgrounds. They sing and dance, play drums, guitars and keyboards and the sound system is loud. This is not the typical musical performance in rural Indian villages. About 250 children served by Back2back India gathered for the concert. The songs were sung in their native language, Telugu, with the words to the songs projected on a big screen behind the band. This was a great opportunity for the children to see a modern worship band and learn new songs including some action songs.

For several weeks, the children have been talking about the concert. Madhuri, one of the children who attended the concert, is severely mentally challenged. She is living at the children’s home because her father died and her mother was unable to care for her. Maduhuri, who is now about six years old, has some behavioral issues and does not speak. However, she loves music. During a visit several weeks after the event, we asked the children about the concert. They quickly pointed out that Madhuri had learned one of the action songs. It was a joy to see her singing and dancing to the Lord!

Check out the video below of Madhuri singing the song: