Walking with Assurance

May 2, 2017

Steph Duff

“Kevin just doesn’t have an aptitude for learning.” Kevin’s mother, Luz, felt a weight settle onto her shoulders. His teacher continued, “He doesn’t complete his homework and he doesn’t participate in class; he shouldn’t have been moved forward in school.”

In September of 2016, Luz spoke with the staff at the Community Center in Tres Reyes, tears streaming down her face. She shared the news she received about Kevin, and desperate, she asked for help. Shortly after, Kevin began meeting with Elizabeth, Back2Back Cancun’s psychologist.

Initially, Kevin was closed off. The meetings between he and Elizabeth progressed slowly as Kevin was hesitant to share openly, or sometimes at all. The psychologist was patient, allowing time to warm up. As trust grew, Kevin opened up and he and Elizabeth worked together to address what was causing issues within the classroom.

“I don’t like the space where I do my homework,” Kevin confessed one day. In a small house for a family of five, the quietest space was in their backyard, but it came with its own distractions. The bugs were bad, the smells could be unpleasant, and Kevin struggled to stay focused on the tasks before him.

Elizabeth advocated for Kevin, and suggested there be a special place within the home just for him. Kevin’s parents set up a spot where he could complete his homework inside. He continued to see Elizabeth weekly to talk through his struggles. Kevin went from a boy once unable to focus and connect with others, to receiving glowing reports by the end of the school term.

“From September to December, Kevin displayed radical change. For the first time in his school career, he felt successful with his schoolwork,” shares Ximena Zarate, Tres Reyes Program Manager. “He and his mom cried tears of joy as they shared this news with our staff.”

Your sponsorship dollars play a key role in children like Kevin growing in confidence and walking with assurance towards the future. Thank you for partnering with Back2Back Cancun in providing care for Kevin today and abounding hope for his tomorrow.

Steph is a storyteller for the Back2Back Marketing Team. She believes, deeply and to her core, that each of our stories possesses the power to shake up the Kingdom and is humbled to be a part of sharing His narrative. She can be found with her nose in a book, consuming copious amounts of caffeine, and continuing an ongoing attachment to semi-colons, loud laughter, and making snail mail cool again.

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