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Onice Gray

Coaching Coordinator

Hello friends, I’m Onice Gray and I have been with Back2Back three years and counting. I remember how God orchestrated and guided me to Back2Back. It was three years ago, it all started with a trip I took to Indiana with someone. On the way back headed up 71 North I was trying to make it to my church but realized that I was not going to make it. I detoured and went to Crossroads and that’s where it all started, as I sat there enjoying service a lady came on stage and she was from Winton Terrace which is one of the neighborhoods I grew up in. One thing about me is that I have always desired to work with the youth. As I went throughout the week I decided to reach out to Crossroads to see if there was a way I could volunteer to work in Winton Terrace or with youth. They connected me with the outreach director where I met my brother whom I believe God has put into my life. Once we were connected, I began to volunteer for an organization that works with teens. While working there/volunteering I was being watched by the director of Back2Back Cincinnati. After a while I was working at DHL and volunteering/working part time. A year later I was offered a part time position with Back2Back Cincinnati. It’s been a journey and a lot of growth has taken place. I’m excited to be doing what I dreamed to do: working with kids.
I believe I belong and every child belongs before they believe!!!!

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