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J.J. Lail

US Site Director
Growth & Expansion Team
US Office

This is my third season with Back2Back. In my first season, my wife, Mandy, and I served as house parents in the Hope Program in Monterrey from 2008-2011. In my second season, Mandy and I helped to launch the Mazatlan, Mexico site in 2011 and served as its first Site Directors. Due to health circumstances we transitioned off of staff in Mexico and returned to the USA in 2012. I returned to teaching high school Spanish. In this third season with Back2Back, I have returned with much excitement and gratitude to be a part of this amazing ministry that is impacting the lives of thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children.

I serve as a U.S. Site Director and work on the Growth & Expansion Team. As a U.S. Site Director I collaborate with in country Site Directors and their staff to facilitate the mission of Back2Back to serve orphaned and vulnerable children by providing for their physical, spiritual, emotional, educational and social needs so that they can overcome their circumstances and reach sustainability as adults.

As a part of the Growth & Expansion Team, I will pursue global and domestic opportunities to expand the impact and influence of Back2Back Ministries in order to love, support and develop as many orphaned and vulnerable children as possible.

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