The Impact of Sponsorship

A recent crisis in a local village required children being relocated to a Back2Back partnering children’s home for their safety. Many of the children arrived with very little of their own items and clothing, and staff wanted to ensure they felt seen and comfortable in their new home.

When you sponsor a child through Back2Back, you aren’t just providing your specific sponsor child with what they need, you’re helping staff guarantee consistent care to every child in the home. Through sponsorship and generous giving, staff were able to purchase clothing for the children new to the home.

While this may seem like a small victory, it goes a long way in creating spaces for the children that don’t feel institutional. When children have their own spaces, their own clothing, and can claim things for themselves, it allows healing to begin.

Thank you for your dedication in advocating on behalf of children all around the world and never stopping in the pursuit to provide care for today and hope for every tomorrow.