Growing the Reach

For the last several years, Haiti has been hit with a barrage of devastation. Riots in the streets, road and school closures, and the loss of their President are among the reasons the people of Haiti have grown accustomed to disruption – in schedules, in learning, in traveling. Visiting mission teams are currently unable to visit Haiti, but staff have continued in providing the care every child and family deserves. Through innovative and creative ways, staff still ensure the children receive the nourishment, education, and social/emotional support they need to thrive.

All Back2Back staff are trained in Trauma Competent Caregiving; it allows staff to better understand the children, teens, and families they’re serving, allowing them a safe space and a conduit of healing in their lives. Recently, two Haiti staff members became Trauma Competent Caregiver Affiliate Trainers. This is a positive step forward for the Haiti site, as other staff, local organizations, and Haitian nationals no longer have to rely on unreliable internet or someone flying in to share the training.

Back2Back believes in sharing their resources openhandedly, and two national staff being certified trainers now means the impact of trauma competency can ripple far beyond what was reached before. These trainings go a long way in equipping full time caregivers and house parents with the best practices of holistic care, deepening staff understanding, and improving the direct care provided.

“The most exciting impact, to me, is the potential for equipping other organizations and community partners to be more trauma-informed,” shared Sarah Ellis, Back2Back Haiti Site Manager. “With everything happening in-country the last several years, trauma isn’t isolated to certain populations or experiences; the entire nation of Haiti has lived in extremely challenging and frightening circumstances for years. Widespread trauma training will reach many more individuals far beyond just Back2Back programming.”

Please join Back2Back in prayer for every person who will receive trauma competent training. Pray they understand the impact they will have a hand in in breaking generational cycles and helping grow up healthy, healed children and families.