Slowing Down to Connect

The children stood in a line behind Rick and Lisa Bursey as they waited to cross the road. Their eyes were wide, taking in the busy street, the different colors of cars, and the random stray dogs that sauntered past them. “Look!” “Check this out!” “Oh, wow!” bursted from their mouths as they waited, as if they’d never been outside before. Their wonder was tangible, filling the space around them.

Like so many around the world, children at a partnering children’s home in Monterrey were hit hard by the pandemic. Lockdowns and limited access to where they can go left the children antsy and wanting to explore. The home has a large amount of outdoor space, but even that has lost its luster after two years of being confined to the home and backyard.

Recently, Rick and Lisa, Co-Directors of the home, filled in for their caregivers, and they ventured outside the property. “Things are slowly opening back up, and we thought it was time for the children to get out of the limited space they’ve lived within for the last two years,” shared Lisa.

The children reacted with fascination at each thing they took in. “Every dog, every house, every different plant they saw resulted in amazement,” laughed Lisa. “It was a new thing for Rick and I to see in them, but we loved it.” The children asked questions at a rapid-fire pace, while the Burseys took their time answering each question with intention.

They ended their walk at the park, eating popsicles and hanging out. These simple moments may not have been as appreciated by the children before, but after two years of big changes, the children and the Burseys are finding joy in the simple things and realizing what a gift it is to have time to slow down and connect.