Celebrating Caregivers

For six women on the India Hope Campus, every day is a new adventure in providing holistic care to vulnerable children. Each of the women goes beyond the roles of preparing meals, helping with homework, and keeping each child on task; they also provide emotional and social support, stepping into familial-like roles.

Caregivers and the duties they fulfill around the world are invaluable. Without their dedication and passion to serve vulnerable populations, the holistic growth of each child wouldn’t be possible. Meal preparation, ensuring children are where they need to be on time, moral and emotional guidance, and homework help are key in providing family-style care, and like any parental figure in the life of a child, they desire breaks and have needs, as well. 

Back2Back staff sees the work caregivers do globally and wanted to take an opportunity to extend their gratitude. Additionally, India staff wanted each of the women to have a day simply to be with the children and each other, without duties and obligations. They employed a man from a nearby village to prepare meals for the day, the lunchtime meal being a special one of  mutton curry, chicken fry, and fried rice. Together, caregivers, staff, and children gathered together for singing, a time of reflection, and relaxation. The entire day, caregivers were relieved of their duties and got to play and enjoy time with the children.

The atmosphere on campus was one of jubilation – caregivers were honored for the hard work and dedication they offer to every child, and the children were able to enjoy the safe adults in their lives. As a result of this special day, staff realized just how much the caregivers manage on a day-to-day basis and something became very clear – the caregivers’ most important role is helping each child grow socially and emotionally healthy in order to break cycles. As a result, staff have hired two cooks and two maintenance staff. This will allow the caregivers to hone their focus on social and emotional growth, giving them more opportunity to connect and develop deeper relationships. 

Back2Back honors caregivers around the world for the hard work and patience they offer everyday. We celebrate success stories of children who grew up in partnering homes and went on to become healthy, motivated, generous adults, with the help of the safe people in their lives. 

Please join Back2Back in prayer today that each caregiver would know just how precious and valuable they are to this work in ensuring care for today and hope for tomorrow.