Courageous Men and Husbands

The atmosphere was quiet as water sloshed in bins. The sun melted into the horizon and the lights beneath the palapa were shining down on husbands kneeling before their wives. Sniffles were heard above the movement of water. It was the final evening of a weeks-long Bible study, and every husband who attended the retreat was washing their wives’ feet.  

Arturo Guzman, a local pastor partnering with Back2Back Cancun, led a six-week Bible Study centered around the movie Courageous. The first Friday, each of the men and their wives watched the movie together, complete with popcorn and snacks. The following four weeks, the men met with Arturo and Back2Back male staff every Friday to participate in an in-depth study on becoming more Godly husbands and fathers.

“For a while now, we have seen the men express desire to be better husbands and fathers,” shared Dan Ucherek, Back2Back staff. “Time and again, we saw them discouraged, because they lacked those healthy examples in their own lives, and wanted to change their stories, but didn’t know how.”

The four weeks were spent in intentional conversation, hands on experiences, and allowing themselves to be vulnerable in new ways with men they trusted. During their final meeting, they signed a Resolution, in which they pledged fidelity to their wives, leading their families spiritually, and teaching their children to love God, with their families by their side. The evening concluded with a foot washing ceremony that led to an emotional outpouring and time of connection for each couple.

The whole six weeks was profound, both for the men who attended and the staff who were present, but Dan shares his favorite moment was the tangible vulnerability he saw in the men. “The coolest thing was their desire for community,” he shared. “Hearing them share their hope this would happen again was a gift to all of us.”

Staff are hopeful for more events like this in the future and are excited to see what God continues to do through each of the men and their families. This is the power of community and growth – lives are transformed and families are tighter knit.