A Picture of Unity

Reunification is always a goal Back2Back staff have in mind when they provide holistic care to children around the world. The global pandemic changed a lot for everyone, and for one partnering children’s home in Monterrey, it very specifically shifted how care was provided and the goals staff had for each child.

“When the pandemic hit, Del Norte, along with the rest of Mexico’s children’s homes, had to consider what was safest for the children,” explained Christina Hamilton, Back2Back staff.

For those who could safely return to their biological families, reunification was the natural step. For those who couldn’t, they lived in family-style apartments with caregivers. Meanwhile, staff worked closely with biological families, lowering the hurdles in preparation for reunification.

Recently, two siblings were reunited with their biological parents. Before they left the home, the staff threw a graduation celebration for them as they now will enter middle school and high school.  The ceremony was attended by the caregivers who provided care for the teens, and their biological family. 

Part of the celebration was a time of prayer led by the caregivers.  “I looked up at one point and standing around both teens were both the caregiver and their biological mother,” shared Christina. “It was a perfect picture of the unity that’s resulted after two difficult years. Two women, who both love the boys, showed up to do what was best for the children. It was a beautiful moment to witness.”

Just two weeks after the celebration, the boys returned home with their biological family, and Del Norte is preparing to welcome new children.  When the time is right, and the families are ready, staff will use the lessons learned during the pandemic to pursue appropriate reunification goals. Please join us in prayer for everyone involved – staff, children, and the biological families who are supported as they welcome their children back home.