Caring for One Another

Eight-year old Henry strode into the clinic with confidence. It was his first time receiving a medical check-up at a health clinic, but he didn’t flinch when they took his weight and blood pressure. He handled it so well, staff let him go into the exam room alone. A few minutes later, though, Henry cried for a familiar face.

During the recent Easter break, children from all partnering children’s homes received annual medical check-ups. Most of the children knew what to expect, but Henry, a newer student at Igmin Kibe Education Center, wasn’t aware shots would be required. “He did really well up until that point,” explained Amanda. Swanta, staff at Igmin Kibe, went into the exam room after Henry cried. He was very upset after his injection, but Swanta saw something remarkable next.

“Slowly, the other children came to Henry’s side to console him,” explained Swanta. “Mary, a girl from Rukuba Children’s Home, went right to his side and whispered, ‘it’ll be okay – I know it hurts, you can cry.’” Henry’s tears subsided as children his own age, and older, comforted him. He calmed down and finally smiled at those surrounding him.

“It was like watching a family of brothers and sisters care for each other. I loved it,” shared Swanta.

Back2Back is grateful for all the ways staff, sponsors, and visitors embolden each child and remind them they are always seen and known. Thank you for being the difference for one.