Construction Update at Rancho de los Niños

Back2Back Mazatlán is excited to share progress on Rancho de los Niños construction! Currently, staff is working on connecting the water and electricity while visiting mission guests are helping build shelves for the homes, and a cabinet maker prepares to install cabinets in the kitchen.

“The children are really excited,” shared Ethan Drent, Back2Back staff. “They’re constantly asking to visit the new homes and help in any way they can.” The children were able to help a recent team sweep and clean up the second home following projects. Areas around the home are also being worked on and updated, including planters and gardens, the sidewalks, the basketball court, a palapa, an outdoor kitchen, and the laundry room.

Back2Back staff plan on moving the children into the homes in June and are praying as they continue to find house parents for each of the homes. Thank you for continually praying alongside staff at Rancho de los Niños and for investing your time, resources, and hearts to create homes for every child, sending the resounding message – you are known, you are loved.