Naming Her Dreams

She opens the door and walks to her seat. As she walks by, people take in her pink and white dress, smiling and complimenting her work. As she takes her seat, Wideline grins confidently. Not only is she wearing a new dress, she’s wearing a new dress she made herself.

It’s Sunday in Haiti.

“About a year ago, Wideline, the eldest child at Jesus’ Name Children’s Home, expressed an interest in learning how to sew. Esaie, Jesus’ Name Children’s Home Director, knows a seamstress in the neighborhood and contacted her about lessons,” explains Jeff Hickman, Back2Back Haiti Director.

Wideline began taking lessons – learning the basics of sewing on a machine. And in November of 2016, once she mastered the basics and kept up with the lessons, she was able to make her own dress and wear it to church.

“People in Haiti still show up to church in their Sunday best,” says Jeff. “So for the girls to show up in, not just new dresses, but dresses they had made themselves, was a very big deal.”

As Wideline is continuing to learn about sewing and making things for herself, she is expressing a desire to pursue work as a seamstress in the future. As staff in Haiti and at Jesus’ Name desire to come alongside Wideline in her dreams, they are looking at a local trade school offering training in this very area.

“There’s another program here in Haiti that offers 2-year vocational training in commercial sewing,” explains Jeff.

While Wideline will learn more about sewing on a larger scale, she’ll also be learning about starting and running her own business. Wideline and staff are prayerful she will obtain a spot in the school this coming fall.

As you continue to prayerfully and financially support Wideline and the other children at Jesus’ Name, Back2Back’s hope is you know the full impact of your partnership in the dreams of each boy and girl.

As church begins and the congregants settle into their seats, preparing their hearts to listen, Wideline sits confidently knowing she can express her desires and hopes and they will be heard. She is confident because she is learning she isn’t the only one with big dreams for her future.