A Brighter Tomorrow

Isabel is a beautiful eight-year-old girl, who is always ready to give a hug. She has lived at Casa Hogar San Jose in Cancun, Mexico with her sister and brother since she was two years old. Life at the orphanage is all she knows. Isabel is a bright student. Every morning, she wakes up and waits for her tutor to arrive – Isabel knows that her tutor will make learning fun. Each afternoon, she eats lunch and soon after walks to school with her friends and siblings. After school, she works on her homework and eats dinner with the other children. Isabel enjoys her reading time and loves learning about God through Back2Back’s VBS programs. And thanks to her sponsor through the Back2Back Child Sponsorship program, she is able to focus on doing what she loves.

Isabel is one of the 163 million orphaned children in our world, but unlike many other orphans, Isabel will wake up tomorrow knowing that she is cared for by her Heavenly Father. Through the smiles and hugs of the Back2Back staff who love her, through the balanced meals that she receives and more importantly through the spiritual training and discipleship the Back2Back Cancun staff provides, Isabel is different because she knows that tomorrow is full of hope.

Thank you for your continued generosity toward Back2Back. Your partnership helps children like Isabel experience care for today and hope for tomorrow.