New Shoes, by Will Reed, Back2Back Nigeria Staff

Imagine walking over a mile to school everyday. When you get home from school, imagine walking everywhere you need to go. Now think about what that would do for the shoes that you wear. If you are a child in the Kissahyip Village outside Jos, Nigeria, you are wearing sandals everyday and the shoes that you are wearing constantly are worn with the straps coming off.

Through donations from Back2Back’s Gift Catalog, we were able to purchase new shoes for all of the students at Back2Back’s Education Center through a local shoemaker. You can imagine the excitement among the students when we announced that all of them would be receiving new shoes!

Proudly wearing his new shoes from the gift catalog

Everybody loves the feeling of new shoes. No matter how many pairs of shoes someone owns, no one can deny the excitement of putting on new shoes for the first time. For the students, new shoes means the ability to stop wearing the old, tattered shoes and know that they will not have to worry about getting their sandals fixed before school in the morning so that they can attend that day.

Something I love about serving here is seeing when ministry areas overlap. SSE (Self-Sustaining Enterprises) works with a Max, a man who lives outside the Kisahyip Village. SSE has come alongside Max as he has started a shoe business. He makes different types of shoes completely by hand. He gives one pair of shoes to a child in the village for every ten pairs of shoes he sells. We love his vision.

Max measured all of the students’ feet and then came with the completed shoes a few days later. They students were thrilled to receive the shoes and run happily home from the Education Center in their new shoes.