A Lover of God Who Sometimes Ministers to the Poor, by Hope Maglich, Back2Back Mexico Staff

The title of this blog post is the title that I want over my life.  Recently, a few of us Back2Back staff women had an evening of prayer and worship. I was feeling disconnected from the Lord, burdened by the work I had to do, and overwhelmed by problems in the areas where I minister.  In the midst of one of the worship songs, I had the sudden feeling that the Lord was trying to speak to me.   I was overwhelmed with a sense of the Holy Spirit and in my heart I heard His kind voice say, “Your relationship with Me is more important than your ministry.”  Those words echoed off the walls of my heart.

He wants me, more than He wants my work for Him. He desires relationship with me more than He desires that I serve in the Rio, teach at Back2Back’s missionary kids school (SMCA), or organize prayer meetings. In the grand scheme, these things don’t matter. It is me (and you) that He finds most important.  He wants us to be lovers of Him first and foremost. He desires that we be defined by our relationship with Him first, then by whatever else it is we do.  That is the priority order. Him first.

I want to love God more! I want to be so consumed with His love for me that I am compelled to share it with others through my actions and words! Not to share His love from duty, but from the overflow of a vibrant relationship with Him.

Oh, Lord woo our hearts! Change our perspectives and our priorities. Show your Bride that you love her first. That You desire for her to be defined by Your love for her.

Who am I? I am my Beloved’s. What do I do? I love God…and occasionally minister to the poor.